Giving Tuesday


A Better Way needs reliable vehicles to provide safe transportation to the people we serve.  We had five vehicles only a few weeks ago, and now are down to two, due to an accident and the need for expensive repairs that were more costly than the vehicles’ values. 


As a service provider to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Blackford, Delaware, Henry, Jay, and Randolph counties, we must be able to transport our clients to doctors’ appointments, legal services, work, and to find permanent safe housing. For this Giving Tuesday we are hoping to raise $5,000 to go toward a new vehicle.


We are seeking a vehicle with, hopefully, several useful years ahead. Should you hear of anything- someone willing to donate an older sedan or van, or someone wishing to sell something at a reasonable price, please contact A Better Way. We could spend a few thousand dollars if we know it will last, but do not have a large budget to allow for this purchase.