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Crisis Hotline

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Safe Shelter

A Better Way began so that people who were not safe in their own homes could find safety in another place.

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Safe shelter is provided 24/7 to victims of domestic violence / sexual assault and their children, for up to 45 days, during which they will set and work toward goals leading toward more peaceful lives. The shelter can accommodate up to 25 individuals.

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Rape Crisis Center

Made possible by Indiana Criminal Justice Institute &
Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault

A Better Way’s rape crisis center is open 24/7 to victims of rape or sexual assault seeking services. We provide confidential on-site crisis counseling, safety planning, information & referral, emotional support, protective order assistance, legal advocacy, and sexual assault education.

SART – A Better Way is a participating member of the Delaware County Sexual Assault Response Team. Our advocates respond to cases of sexual assault at the hospital and provide support to victims through the entire process, including the forensic medical exam and follow-up.

LEGAL RESOURCES – Our advocates provide essential sexual assault resources to victims, including accompaniment to court, assistance with protective orders, legal rights education, and overall guidance throughout the legal process.

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT – Individual Support: Professional, licensed counselors are available on-site to provide compassionate trauma-informed care; emotional and behavioral services include assessment, individual counseling, and referral to higher levels of integrated care as needed.

Support Groups

Support groups are provided twice per week at secure locations.  Victims in different phases of the healing process provide support to one another with respectful discussion in a comfortable environment.

DV GROUP – Our Domestic Violence Support Groups meet every Monday evening from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and on Wednesday morning from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM, except on holidays.

SA GROUP– Our Sexual Assault Support Group meets every Monday night from 7 PM – 8 PM, except on holidays. Groups are facilitated by a victim advocate and a sexual assault counselor.

Our group facilitators will lead discussions on topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault and rape, life skills development, support systems, and empowerment, to both help victims heal and to prevent future abuse.  Domestic violence and sexual assault education will be provided on subjects such as characteristics of abusers, safety planning, red flags and self-awareness.

A small meal is also provided for group members.

Essential Transportation

Provided for residential clients as needed to achieve goals related to:

  • Counseling
  • Court / Legal
  • Financial
  • Housing
  • Medical
  • Work
  • School

Case Management

Individualized case management is provided. The family development matrix is used for assessment and goal setting.

Children’s Programs

CHILD ASSESSMENTS – Every child, ages 5 and up, is assessed on family history, relationships, as well as medical and safety needs.

CHILDREN’S GROUP – A Better Way provides a children’s group during adult support group hours, which includes age-appropriate activities to help children and youth to understand their home situations and show them positive options in life.

FAMILY FUN NIGHT – In addition, Family Fun Night is hosted on every Friday evening for families who reside in shelter. Activities include arts & crafts, movie nights, character building activities, and much more!


We are here to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. You don’t need to go it alone. Advocacy is available every step of the way, from assistance in obtaining a protective order to accompanying you to court.

  • Accompaniment to Court
  • Obtaining Protective Orders
  • Legal Rights Education
  • Preparation for Testimony
  • Assistance Throughout the Legal Process

Passage Way

May this Passage Way lead to peaceful living for all who enter it.

Passage Way is a transitional housing project that will allow victims of domestic violence and their children, after staying at a Better Way, to have safe, adequate housing for a period of time long enough to find security, stability and peace in their lives.

At Passage Way, we intend to provide support to residents, but not to carry the whole load. There will be expectations of participation in programs that will lead them to success and self-sufficiency. Their children will participate in programs as well.

While there, residents will gain home-making, decision-making, budgeting and other skills that will ready them to succeed on their own following their exit from the program. Their children will have received guidance on how to better manage their emotions and to peacefully resolve conflict. They will gain social skills and in turn improve academically, due to a reduction of the turmoil in their lives.

Those dedicated to making positive change in their lives and willing to work for it will have a great opportunity for success.

Domestic Violence +
Sexual Assault Education

Various forms of educational resources are utilized for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. Through the use of support groups, one-on-one counseling, and continued discussion on topics such as parenting, child abuse, power & control, types of abuse, rape, consent, self-esteem etc., our staff strive to provide the knowledge and support necessary to empower those who have experienced violence. This is accomplished by the adversity approach used in our domestic violence and professional educational programs. Education is also provided to churches, civic centers, and schools in order to build bridges and develop stronger support systems within the community.

Financial Independence Education

Made possible by Allstate Foundation Purple Purse and Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse is aimed at creating long-term safety and security for survivors through financial empowerment. As a part of the FISCAL project A Better Way is working with Allstate to provide further education and resources to our clients. Through this program, we communicate with our clients about financial abuse and their future financial decisions and work closely with them on their small obtainable goals to get to a better place.

Information + Referral

Information is provided on community resources such as transitional housing, employment opportunities, food stamps, TANF, and WIC. We also provide community resources through our Where to Turn Directory.

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