We All Shine On

Last year, A Better Way put on our first Sparkle and Shine Luncheon, as a fundraiser to support our domestic violence, sexual assault and suicide prevention programs. It was so much fun, as well as quite successful. We planned to do it again this year, with the high hope of having it double in size. That was supposed to be today. Clearly, we have had a change of plans due to COVID-19, something with which we all are struggling. 

As an executive director, I am very sad about the inability to raise the funds, but I am just as sad that we won’t have a room full of people hearing our message, and hopefully being inspired to move forward with a desire to help others, or with a positive feeling about who they are and how far they have come.

Upon reflection, I realize there is a lot of safe sparkling and shining going on during this challenging time, and all of it makes me smile. The masks! Oh, the masks!  So many lovely people making masks.  People picking up groceries or medications for those who cannot; calling to check on those who are alone; sharing what they have with those who have no stocked pantry; supporting local agencies with a cash donation, bag of groceries or whatever it is they might need; picking up trash as they take a walk; writing posts filled with positive thoughts and ideas; in other words, loving their neighbors…being kind.

Today, I hope you will read this and think of ways you can sparkle and shine, all while taking proper precaution. There is so much to be done that is good. I hope you will join in and make your little piece of the world a better one.

I also hope you will mark your calendars, and join us on August 28th, when, if it is safe to do so, we will have an in-person Sparkle & Shine Luncheon. I hope you will attend, and I hope we can look back on this time and smile, remembering all of the glittery goodness that was our response to this world-wide crisis.